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Classes and Investment


--Use a focused, sequential method for teaching.
--Are taught by a certified, experienced TriYoga instructor.
--Utilize authentic and ancient yoga practices.
--Are masterfully integrated to make each class informative, fun 
   and helpful.
--Are designed so you will excel at being the best yogi you can.

Beginners. No experience is  necessary. Students will be on the mat.  Ability to be on the knees is required.   TEENS are welcome.

Basics. Students learn the fundamentals of flow, including relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements, and economy of motion.  They experience the inner flow as the movement of body, breath, and focus harmonize. 

Level I.   Beginners, as well as more advanced students, can be accommodated by giving modifications for the students who need them and offering extensions for those who want more. 

Chair Yoga.*  Students can have a full yoga experience without getting on the mat/floor. This class accommodates those with knee/hip issues. *Students will not be on their knees. (*Minimum of 5 to hold this weekly class.) 

Private classes:  For those who want to learn the basics and build confidence before entering a group class; for those with health issues; for those want/need individual attention.  
Office Yoga.  Learn how to reduce stress and stretch your achy body while at work.

Small classes allow for students to receive personal attention. 
Individual body issues areas can be addressed in our gentle flows
Students are always encouraged to do what works for them at the time.

Special Events 

Yoga with Live Music  
 John Guinta will play Hand Pan music during a slow, gentle yoga class.  $10 for studio and $10 recommended donation for the musician.  TBA

Sound Bath  
Be bathed by the sounds of John Guinta's live Hand Pan music.  Let the healing sounds and vibrations of the music run over and through you as you lie for 60 minutes in a comfortable position, relaxing, realizing inner calm, and deepening awareness. Body issues (knees, back, shoulders) should not prevent anyone from participating.  Invite your non-yogi friends. $10 for studio and $10 recommended donation for the musician.


Group Classes: $15 drop-in  OR
                                 $80 flat rate for the calendar month 
                                 $10 per class exceeding 8 classes 

Privates:  $75 at studio / $100 at your home

Yoga WORKSHOP for Adults:  (with minimal enrollment) TBA

Yoga for TEENS: Series of 6 classes (with minimal enrollment) TBA

Classes at workplace, school, church:  cost varies.

Gift certificates are available.

Contact Karen to register. Space is limited.

(504) 220-5325

 : Warrior 2
Warrior 2
 : Triangle
 : Side Warrior
Side Warrior
 : Hip Side Stretch
Hip Side Stretch
 : Downward Dog
Downward Dog
 : Wall-assisted Roll
Wall-assisted Roll

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