Yoga Diva Harahan - Awaken Your Inner Goddess
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 All our classes are now virtual. Things have changed in 2020 and we are going with the flow. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this time of uncertainty.  

Classes (using Zoom)

MWF          8:30 am  Basics-Intermediate
MW            6:30 pm  Basics-Intermediate
The Basic-Intermediate Level classes are targeted to, but not limited to, students who have previously practiced yoga.

 Students learn the fundamentals of flow, including relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements, and economy of motion.  They experience the inner flow as the movement of body, breath, and focus harmonize. The flows include salutations, standing, seated, and postures lying down. Modifications will be given. 

Yoga mat, two (4 inch) blocks, strap, and pillow/towel/ bolster 

 Call Karen to receive your email invitation to the classes. Prior to class, download Zoom on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Bigger screens are better.

The day of class, click the hyperlink in the invitation.  Log in 10 minutes prior to the start of class, to set up your camera in a way that allows you to see the instructor. Use video. Meet your classmates. Stay after class to socialize.  

Breathe!  We're all learning.  We all need YOGA. 

 $10 per class payable on Venmo to Karenscottnola

Each class member must be fit enough to participate in virtual Yoga.
Use any props, including a chair, to modiy a pose.  
Because the instructor cannot see if you are doing the poses correctly, it is the responsibility of the class member if s(he) is injured.  Please b
e safe. 

Private classes
For those who want to learn the basics and build confidence; for those with health issues; for those who want/need individual attention.  
Privates are taught at your home. $75 per class.



Yoga Diva Harahan students in Warrior Pose on the levee behind our studio.An All Levels Class at Yoga Diva Harahan. Runners Pose.


Yoga Diva Harahan student posing  in Warrior.

Zoom Yoga Gallery. Yoga Diva Harahan

Karen Scott,Yoga Diva Harahan: a class on rooftop at the Roosevelt's Waldorf Astoria,New Orleans.

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