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Unbelievable change in the way my back and left shoulder feel after a month or so of yoga.  My chiropractor adjusted me this week and said everything "fell into place the  way it should." I attribute that to the yoga practice.  I never considered yoga for myself,  thought it was mostly for women.  I was wrong.  Karen is a pro and gives clear and kind instruction that works for me.  Thanks!   I give her 5 giant stars!
Mike Foster

     Karen is my Yoga hero! I started doing her Yoga class about four years ago on a recommendation from my doctor who said I should try Yoga. After years of pounding the pavement and doing weight training everything became “compacted” causing knee, back and hip issues. I was very tight and inflexible. Since I started Yoga my flexibility, posture and general feeling of well being have improved tremendously and now all of my joints move pretty well for someone 66 years old! 
     The Tri Yoga that Karen teaches incorporates stretching and core strengthening and poses flow from one to the next. Many poses you may not be able to do initially but over time your body adapts. Karen is very professional and a perfectionist. She will make sure your form is good so you get the maximum benefit and will help you find alternatives for poses that are too difficult for you.  She is an inspiration and will keep you motivated. 
     Thanks to Karen I plan on being able to do  my miles and work out at the gym for many years to come. 
Pat Driscoll

I am a 74 yr. old male.  When I started yoga a little over a year ago,  I was in pitiful physical condition, very over weight and inflexible.  I could only walk a quarter of a mile without stopping to rest my back. Just getting down on the floor and back up was very difficult. I was advised by several friends to try yoga.  I did not think participation in a yoga class was possible for me.  I made a blind call to Yoga Diva Harahan and requested a private session with Karen, so that she could evaluate me.  After the evaluation, to my surprise she thought I could handle one of her basic classes. This was very charitable of her, as I don't think I would have taken me in a class.  I started out taking one class a week.

Karen has great yoga classes, giving a great deal of personal attention when needed. Now 16 months later:  I go to 3 yoga classes a week.  I have lost 45 pounds.  My core strength is greatly improved.  More flexible.  Walk 25 miles a week (measured not guessed.)  Keep up fairly well with the class.  (Karen still has to give me special improvisation for some poses.)  Can handle more of the chores around the house, that previously could not.  I have a much better quality of life.

This improvement was not all directly due to yoga, but it started the ball rolling.  As my core strength and flexibility increased, I was motivated to start dieting and do more physical exercise at home (primarily stretching and walking).  Karen's positive teaching and coaching  encouraged me to keep up what I and my body could do.  

One of the things she stresses is "Yoga is not a competition," just stay within "Your body's capabilities."   This was important to me, as I have been very competitive my whole life in sports.  I was aware of not being able to keep up with others in class and it made going to class a little uncomfortable for me.  Karen doesn't have an in your face, RAH RAH style, but more of an energetic, lead by example style.  She does the exercises with us, which helps me a lot, because I can look at how she is doing the pose.

I want you to know it is very unusual for me to write something like this.  It is entirely unsolicited.  I feel it is owed to her because of the effect Karen has had on my Life.

Paul Boen
         I can say from personal experience that this is a great yoga class for any age, size, shape, or gender. Karen gives personal attention to every student and gently guides them to reach their personal best no matter what their ability level.
The atmosphere is welcoming and non judgmental for newcomers and seasoned veterans. Location is convenient and safe with well lit parking. Well worth a trip to the Elmwood/Harahan area if you are looking for a yoga class.
Shirley Caligari

          Overjoyed that I found Karen Scott's class conveniently located near Elmwood Shopping Center!  Another great asset is morning OR evening classes to choose.  

         I was impressed with the studio and even more so with the instructor.  Karen leads a Triyoga class that was both challenging and relaxing at times.  She provides props and the setting is very tranquil and comfortable.

       The class I attended was basics, and I would recommend to anyone who has never tried yoga or has some class time under their belt.  Karen cues with alternative suggestions for those with issues that prevent certain movements or stressors on affected body areas.  There were moments requiring focus and concentration with obvious muscle work, but I didn't realize I had worked strenuously till I woke the next morning!

       But that is Karen, a very gentle woman, who is also a joyful teacher making the challenge and discipline of yoga seem like fun.  The morning
class folks were friendly and welcoming, a very refreshing morning!
Melinda Duarte
       This is a very enjoyable class.  Karen Scott is a terrific teacher.  My husband and I are thrilled to have found her.  The atmosphere is perfect.  Her instructions are clear.  It is a positive and great experience.   I feel entirely comfortable and more than happy to recommend it to anyone who wishes to try yoga.  Do not hesitate to sign up.
Melanie Schiel
       Yoga Diva in Harahan is awesome! I am so glad I found it! Karen is a great teacher, and can help all levels. When I leave the class I am relaxed, and can't wait to go back. 
Maria Lovetro
       Practicing TriYoga with Karen Scott is a pleasure.  I really like the small classes and calming, friendly atmosphere at Yoga Diva Harahan.  Karen has a soothing voice and provides very good instructions to a group of varied experience levels.  When I leave Yoga Diva Harahan, I always feel more centered, having brought together mind, spirit, body and breath.  It was important to me to find some place to practice that had the right atmosphere and was close to home in Jefferson Parish and I have definitely found the right place.
Sharon Pierson 
       Karen Scott, of Yoga Diva Harahan, takes a true interest in helping all her students to succeed in having a positive yoga experience.  Some days I would show up at class for the relaxing tone of her voice, more than the yoga...but, honestly, always leaving glad for the whole  experience...leaving renewed.  Highly recommend!
Penny Menard
      At Yoga Diva, Karen Scott leads a wonderful class for students of all levels.  Highly recommend!
Leslie Ruppert

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