Yoga Diva Harahan - Awaken Your Inner Goddess
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Kali Ray, founder of TriYoga
Founded by internationally acclaimed yogini Kali Ray, TriYoga is a complete Hatha Yoga flowing style that harmonizes the movement of the body with breathing and focusing the mind. Postures are practiced in a relaxed and flowing manner, with support to achieve proper alignment and comfort.  Meditation, rhythmic breathing, breath control, hand mudras (movements to focus the mind) and music are important elements in a TriYoga practice.
With a TriYoga Practice You Can:
Accelerate the transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Increase flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Invigorate the immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Develop a supple spine and a dynamic nervous system.

Maximize the power of digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Kali Ray, founder of TriYoga, at workshop in Metairie

Purify and strengthen the vital organs and glandular system.

Expand awareness and allow the energy to flow.

Awaken positive qualities such as emotional balance, mental clarity and self-confiodence.

Illuminate the intellect to a higher understanding and the realization of intuitive knowledge.

Kali Ray, TriYoga founder,  in toe mudras

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